Abstract Submission Guidelines

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Abstract Submission Guidelines

Abstracts that discuss completed or on-going research are also accepted.

Full Paper can also be submitted after notification of abstract acceptance.

The submitted abstracts must have never been published in any publications or presented in any conferences in the past.

The mode of participation can be either:

            Oral presentation (15 minutes and 5 minutes for Q & A discussion)

            On-site Poster presentation (90 cm x 120 cm board)

            On-line Poster presentation

For an Abstract to be reviewed and considered for presentation during the conference the following guidelines must be adhered to:

Length: the overall length of an Abstract has to be 500 words maximum, excluding author names (see below) and references (maximum 6 references).

Text only: Abstracts should include text only, i.e. images (pictures, figures, and tables) are not accepted.

Title: use a brief title to clearly indicate the nature of the research/project; capitalize the first letter of each word; do not use abbreviations in the title.

Author names: Abstracts should include the names of all authors, their institutional affiliation, and the e-mail addresses of principal author (these will be removed for the review process).

Language: Abstracts have to be in English and follow the APA formatting and style guide (see http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/authors/style/reference/tf_APA.pdf).

Format: Times New Roman, font size 12, single line spacing, and no use of text design features.

Author restrictions: maximum of 1 paper first-authored and 3 papers co-authored, with the exception of research supervisors on first-author student submissions.

All abstracts will be subjected to blind review.

All Abstracts should be structured using the following sections: Objectives, Theoretical background and Literature review, Methodology, Results/findings and Discussion, Conclusion, and References

Abstracts not complying with the Abstract Submission Guidelines provided on this page will bounce back and authors will be asked to resubmit.

Submissions of abstract have to be forwarded by e-mail to: the delegate from your country

List of Country Email-Address:



Person in charge



Editorial Board of JJSM



Dr. Sang Bank Nam



Dr. Wirdati Radzi



Ms. Geraldine Bernardo



Dr. G. Balasekaran



Ms.Lee Yu Wu



Dr. Wanchalee Noriya

Other countries


Dr. An Uesugi

            *Your AASM country delegate will notify the result of your abstract acceptance

In the email submission, the file name must use the following format as your subject line title and the file name of the paper:

2021AASM – [Short Title]_Surname of the first Author

Ex. 2021AASM _Sponsorship Effectiveness_Kutintara

Once the registration is completed (registration and payment completion), the organizer will send the official invitation letter to conference participants